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"Ruach and Beverly Ben Judah served as pastors with the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel and discovered a real passion for the apostolic and prophetic ministries to which they were called. Ruach, a writer and apostolic teacher, has travelled nationally and internationally teaching and equipping believers to discover their identity and fulfill their destiny. Beverly is gifted in prophetic evangelism and has spent years leading the lost to a genuine, loving relationship with Jesus, as well as seeing them walk in deliverance and freedom. She serves as a crisis pregnancy counselor with CareNet. Together they serve as a House of Zion under Apostle Chuck Pierce and Glory of Zion International Ministries and lead a weekly webcast bible study as well as being active in their local church."

The Testimony of My Name
Before I was born my mother was pregnant with another baby, but miscarried pretty early along. She wanted to name that baby Jason Michael if it was a boy. Shortly after the miscarriage, my aunt (mother's sister) became pregnant and decided to name her baby Jason Michael. Relations in our family have always been sort of volatile, and needless to say, that name became a great source of contention. Ultimately, my aunt chose a different name for her son, Timothy Jason or T.J. and it suits him well. But when I was born my mother was determined the name me Jason Michael. That decision set in a motion a great conflict in my life. For the first 35 years of my life, I struggled with questions of my identity. I has terribly insecure and have been pretty much written off as a disappointment and abject failure by my parents. When they think of the dreams they had for Jason Michael and compare those to my life, the two don't match up.

In 2013 I gained increasing awareness of the important role the name of a child plays in defining their course and destiny, but that only made the frustration I felt over my own name that much worse. My name belonged to a child who was never born and I was effectively nameless – no identity. To complicate matters further, part of my family is Jewish. Most came over before and during World War I, and few survivors came to the US during and after World War II. There was such fear among the Jews that the Germans would be victorious the Jewish side of my family changed their name to Bennett to avoid persecution in this country. So I was a nameless son of a nameless family, which probably describes a lot of folks these days with all the divorce, infidelity and out-of-wedlock pregnancies. This manifested as a lack of discipline and direction. I just sort of wandered aimlessly through life without a clear purpose. About a year ago I cried out to God, "I want to know my name! Who am I?" He answered me in a way I never experienced before. The Lord said, "You are Ruach, the Breath." I have always had a loud voice and been involved in public speaking and singing for years. Many have made fun of my “loud mouth” and I have even learned to make a joke of my "built-in PA system", but I had no idea it was directly tied to my identity and destiny. You would not believe the lengths the enemy has gone to silence my voice, but none of those attacks really made any sense until God spoke my name that day. I didn’t understand that the enemy was not just warring against Christ in me, but against me fulfilling my destiny and becoming the essence of the name God called me. Truth be told, I had sort of given into it and fallen into silence in recent years.

Finally, God did one more thing for me. He gave me a tribe. He said, you are "Ruach ben Judah." I had a prophet once prophesy over me that my life would be “taillights to others”, because God would give me revelation and understanding before others received it. I have found that prophecy to be true and frustrating and remarkably lonely. Through Glory of Zion I learned that "Judah goes first," and so to be called by the tribe of Judah made that prophet's words make sense. Many Jews struggle because they don't know where they fit into the family of Israel. I think of the census of Ezra where so many thought they were Jews, but their names could not be found in the genealogies, and so they were cut off. For God to answer that question for me was life-changing. I know where I fit. I know I belong. And now I know what my essence is and what God is trying to manifest through my life.


Ruach ben Judah
(Spirit and breath of praise to Jehovah)

Ruach and Beverly Ben Judah