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Sid Roth

I was amazed at the outpouring of God’s Spirit that was manifested when I was a guest recently on Radio Air Jesus.  If enough members of the younger generation become “normal” Christians and not just religious, America has a chance!

Shalom & Love,

Bob Jones & Bonnie Jones

Radio Air Jesus is a training ground for the youth to enter into the fullness of God. We’ve had the opportunity to experience first-hand the youth from Radio Air Jesus engage in a supernatural lifestyle as they bring truth by revelation of His Word to the air waves. The surrendered heart and soul of these youth bring a fresh passion for Jesus. There’s a generation coming forth in the spirit of Elijah that will call down fire from Heaven to take down the powers of evil. As Radio Air Jesus goes into airwaves as an antidote to what Satan is doing, these youth continue to reach the youth worldwide.
Bob and Bonnie Jones

Bob Jones Ministries

Ray Hughes

I think the most astonishing thing was to see that Radio Air Jesus are not just christian youth doing cool stuff. They are a group of amazing young leaders doing kingdom business, and doing it with excellence...

Ray Hughes


Rick Pino

"I love what Pete Garza and the Radio Air Jesus team are doing with these radio programs! I was refreshed and encouraged as the young people prophesied amazing words over me! Keep going guys!

Rick Pino
Fire Rain Ministries "

Global Fire International

I want to highly recommend to you the ministry of Peter Garza and Radio Air Jesus which is making a huge impact in the nations for the Gospel of Jesus Christ through internet radio. I've personally been a guest on their show and was impressed by the passion and maturity of the young team. Radio Air Jesus is leading the airwaves in the 21st century and and making a mark in the world for the Kingdom of God.

Jeff Jansen
Global Fire Ministries International
Senior Leader Global Fire Church


Spirit & Life Fellowship

Radio Air Jesus (RAJ) is not just another ministry. It is an expression of the Father’s heart to the world. Many dream of touching generations and regions. Few, like Radio Air Jesus, give God a platform to make that dream into a reality. I support the heart and vision of RAJ to expand the Kingdom, reach the nations, empower generations and impact society.

Ryan Pena
Spirit & Life Fellowship

Joni Ames & Acts Ministries

I rarely do recommendations, but have no hesitation in doing so for Pete & Alice Garza and Radio Air Jesus Ministries. They are an amazing couple who walks in and exemplifies the love and compassion of Jesus, and are in hot pursuit of Him. They are truly "doing the stuff" outlined in the Great Commission through the ministry of Radio Air Jesus & Media Revival T.V that God has called them to. I encourage you to get involved with them in whatever way The Lord would lead. They are a real blessing and God will bless you for doing so.

Joni Ames

Inhabit Fire Ministries

"There are many who are doing a "new thing", but few who are doing a new thing and raising up a generation to do likewise! From my own personal experience with Radio Air Jesus I have seen, been a part of, and felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit on this amazing crew of visionaries, leaders, teenagiers at Radio Air Jesus. The fruit and legacy that is being cultivated will truly bless and wreck you, your ministry, church, and city! I encourage you to be a part of what God doing around the world through RAJ-this is not just good ground, but rather exceptionally rich!"

-Michael Krysty

Freedom Today Ministries

We are writing to recommend Radio Air Jesus. This truly is an outreach ministry that is changing and transforming lives and it has started from the inside and is now reaching outward.

Radio Air Jesus affiliated with Church of Acts in San Antonio, Texas has started with themselves and challenging their youth to step it up in a life that is set apart and consecrated to the Lord so that they can reach the Nations for Jesus through internet radio. The youth involved in Radio Air Jesus are held accountable to the lifestyle they live outside of church and it shows in their passion for others.

Radio Air Jesus reaches the airways in many different forms, through music (and many different styles of music) through interviews and through weekly programs. They are not just reaching the local area, they are reaching the world.

We first became acquainted with Radio Air Jesus itself approximately one year ago when we started “airing” our weekly program called “Living in freedom today.” We have been associated with the people of Radio Air Jesus and Church of Acts for approximately eight (8) years now and would highly recommend them without hesitation and without reservation.


Dan and Linda Davis

Freedom Today Ministries
4326 Brook Shadow Drive
Kingwood, Texas 77345
(936) 672-7870

Living Word Church is more than a Radio Program, It is more than a Youth Group from a local church, It is more than Internet Radio, it is multitudes of countries and souls from all over the world coming together for one purpose, The Kingdom of God.  It is an opportunity to Reach the Nations and a fulfillment of that Mandate from the King Himself. is an avenue that allows a ministry no matter how small or large to reach countless people in a long list of Nations.  We are in the last days lets be as efficient and powerful as we can be, with the tools provided.  I ask you to prayerfully consider joining in Reaching the Nations.

Pastor Jesse Hernandez
Living Word Church

Healing Word Ministries

For too long, Christianity has been defined by a false concept of church. As a result, believers have built walls around their lives, keeping culture at a distance. As Christians have tried to keep culture out of the church, unfortunately, the church has kept itself out of the culture.

Pete and Alice Garza have clearly heard this call to influence todays culture with Radio Air Jesus! They provide media that will teach you, equip you and empower you to grow into your God given purpose.

Gods equipping a heavenly "army" that is bringing transformation to society. This media ministry has the spirit of God on it. It is marked by the supernatural but most of all the Fathers purpose!  We highly recommend this ministry and endorse Radio Air Jesus