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How Love Revival Started:

I received a Word from the Lord on February 4, 2013 "The next move of God will be spearheaded by the unconditional love of God. Love will define God's remnant as they move into new levels of power and demonstration. Many of them are in a metamorphosis state as they struggle to get free from the old wineskin and break free from the system which is governed by the law. I will visit these faithful warriors and start to reveal their true identity in me. Many have struggled with their identity because it was difficult to accept who I made them to be. In the last season they were put into Saul's armor, and wrongfully categorized. It shall be that I will rebuild my church from the foundation to the roof. I will put in order my living stones, and place them correctly. I will change the governmental order of my church and bring back the fear of the Lord. A greater authority will I give those who were faithful to me in the last season. Those suffering from an identity crisis will know their place in me. I am going to tear down and pluck up a system that was built on wrong motives, message, and methods. This must take place so that my kingdom can run effectively, and so that my people can have a mighty outpouring of My presence. It will not be like times past. I will spread my fire from one individual to another as I destroy the biggest identity crisis ever known to is not knowing my unconditional love, not knowing who they are in me, and not knowing what I called them to do. These three things will come to the forefront of every conversation as I start to fix this problem. The struggle in the old wineskin will end and my people will take flight.They will once again start to pollinate the children of this world with my love, and truth.They will fill my baskets with fruit.They will bring the fruit of their labors in the fields, as they bring many sons, and daughters into my kingdom."

About Jaziz Gutierrez

Jaziz is an author, teacher, songwriter, public speaker, and an ordained Pastor. Her vision is to equip and impart; commissioning believers everywhere to walk in the ministry of Christ. She believes that love is unscripted therefore sharing God's love with those on the streets is a lifestyle. She resides in Southern California where she was born and raised. She is currently working on several children's books including a book on revival which she plans to publish in 2018.