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God has called and anointed Kay to minister and function in the Fivefold Ministry; she is an Ordained Minister, a Commissioned Apostle and an anointed prophetic teacher, author and founder of Kay Hill Ministries. Her heart is to impart the love of God and to minister the truth of the Word in the power and anointing of Holy Spirit. Her passion is to teach others who they are in Christ Jesus and how to live and walk daily in the Kingdom of God!

Father God has given her a mandate in this season to impart His intimate love to those with hungry hearts! To teach and equip others how to enter into a deeper, closer relationship with Him; to activate them to move into the Glory Realm, experience and encounter Him supernaturally! Lives are transformed and forever changed by her teachings!

Kay ministers to the nations and travels where Holy Spirit tells her to go. In addition to ministering in the U.S., she has had the privilege to teach in Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Hungry and Serbia. Her teachings are currently being used in many churches and Bible studies in India and Mexico. God’s supernatural power, healing, miracles, signs and wonders are manifested through her ministry and meetings.

She and her husband, Alva, live in San Marcos, Texas where she is an active member of her local church and a partner with Patricia King Ministries, Women In Ministry Network, WIMN.