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I have traveled from Tx to Canada seeking the face of God and to learn all I could about Him, ministering, singing and receiving from the Lord. Pastored 3 three churches and have been asst pastor for a few. I have ministered in a prophetic ministry for over 38 years. Wrote my first book this last year, almost finished with second and was on my first Christian television interview on KVVV in Houston. Was ordained for ministry by John G Lakes son in law, Wilford Reidt, in 1985. God never makes accidents, He told me years ago that the prophetic would be so strong on my life with the miracles. I am seeing it.  He is always right on time and to the point. I would not change one thing of my past since it has brought me to this place. God called me into a prophetic ministry as a child and revealed things to me that are now coming to pass before my very eyes. He is forever faithful and I give Him all the glory.

Vision for radio:
My vision is to see people changed in the Presence of God. To see the captives freed, healings emotionally and physically, raising the dead spiritually and physically, seeing miracles. To see the Body of Christ to arise to their potential in Him. To stir up a hungry people for the Kingdom of God. To see the Holy Ghost and fire change the Body as never before.

Evangelist Sheryl West