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Prayer prepares our lives
It is in the intimacy of prayer with God that we receive the instructions needed to promote the Kingdom of God. It is in that place where we enter through the door of humility and find the solutions, revelation to the challenges of Life. Pray!

Over ten years ago God called Daryl and Joyce Bucknor to early morning prayer which led them to becoming missionaries in Haiti. Both of these experiences have given them a foundation for the vision of Kingdom of Life Ministries. They beta a prayer meeting in their home in 2016 and quickly outgrew the space for this expanding ministry. In March of 2017 they purchased the present ministry building which allows the prayer group to grow and fulfill the vision of aiding the surrounding churches with prayer, guest speakers and workshops.


Daryl and Joyce Bucknor

We are Kingdom of Life Ministries
129 Park Ave
lock Haven, Pa

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