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Pastor Linda Davis loves Jesus, she loves coffee and she loves sharing both with people while inspiring and challenging everyone to walk in the fullness of all God has for them. Pastor Linda teaches and preaches with a prophetic edge to the now word of the Lord as unctioned by the Spirit of the Lord. She believes in functioning in her ministry to God's people as Matthew 10:19 tells us, that we should not worry about how or what we should speak but that the words will be given to us in that very hour and moment of what we should speak. 

Pastor Linda has been ministering on Radio Air Jesus since 2010. Linda is a published author. She has ministered in all areas, teaching bible studies, ministering in prisons, preaching at women's conferences and is now accepting invitations for booking engagements.
Pastor Linda has been married to her husband Pastor Dan for 27 years. They have been ordained in ministry for 15 years now. They have three sons, one amazing daughter-in-law and two beautiful grandchildren. All of her immediate family resides in the Houston, Texas area but they are originally from Boston which you will pick up the very first time you hear her speak.

Linda Davis